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Chilling words! I almost feel like we lost them… Reblogged from the fantastic BrainManure tumblr by Pete Ogden. Absolutely worth following for great content. 

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Jamaica shows us how it’s done, between wind and solar this project generates annual outputs of 106,000kWh. It is also expected to last 25 years. Now where is the legislation to make sure only these types of buildings are constructed going forward? 

Although we are still a long way from R2D2 this little guy is a great first version. The friendly nature, cloud features, and connectedness would make this a great innovation to have around the house. Although I still believe the first commercially successful robot will be one who can come running when you call them. 

Of course on the plus side he costs US$599, while previous options focused on helping old age pensioners can stretch to $10,000!


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I don’t think we need to worry about robots taking over just yet…

If I had a set desk space I would have these little guys helping me out.

Can you watch this video until the end? Can ya?!

This is ridiculously smart! Congratulations FCB NZ. 

A nice well timed idea from Gatorade here in Brazil. 

The World Cup is here! Lets just watch this clip quickly before the first game… 

Fantastic piece of advertising from the Bank of Chile, powerful and emotional idea! They struck gold if the guy talking is actually one of the survivors and not an actor. 


Coke launches ‘2ndLives’ campaign in Vietnam, a line of 16 innovative bottle caps that turns empty bottles into a totally new, and useful object. 

The brand will be giving away 40,000 caps in Vietnam before rolling out the campaign to the rest of Asia. 

Check out the video below

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Most commencement addresses seem to carry useful advice that will stand you in good stead over time. Whether it be from Jim Carrey or General McRaven. This one has 10 peices of advice that only a Navy Seal commander could give. Nothing groundbreaking, but advice that needs to be remembered everyday. For it is everyday that we fail. 

Some beautiful editing work here.